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ANNOUNCEMENTS & VIDEO: From Paris, With Love; Late Late Show w/ Pat Kenny - JRM Update [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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ANNOUNCEMENTS & VIDEO: From Paris, With Love; Late Late Show w/ Pat Kenny [Sep. 26th, 2008|12:32 am]
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Subject: Jonathan's appearance on The Late Late Show with Pat Kenny as well as information on an upcoming film.
Date: September 5 & 23, 2008
Location: Dublin, Ireland; Paris, France
Source: RTE One, Screen Daily
Notes: Apologies for the delay.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
(Scroll down page and click link for video.)

At 31, the Dublin-born actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has already been in more movies than some actors achieve in a lifetime. He has worked with Woody Allen (of whom he does great impressions), Oliver Stone and Neil Jordan. He talks to Pat about fame, how he had to physically change his size to take on some of the more challenging mature roles and how, if given the right role and circumstance, he might be persuaded to take to the stage. Jonathan is currently starring in the TV series "The Tudors" as King Henry VIII.

EuropaCorp begins shoot on From Paris With Love
By: Nancy Tartaglione-Vialatte

EuropaCorp has announced the start of principal photography on the $55m (Euros 38m) From Paris With Love, starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Director Pierre Morel began filming Monday near Annecy and will carry on to Paris and its environs for a total 12-week shoot.
The film is based on an original idea from EuropaCorp principal Luc Besson, along with Adi Hasak, and tells the story of a young insider and an American secret agent who are thrown together in a risky mission in France's capital city.

Credit: JRM Fansite

[User Picture]From: enderwiggin24
2008-09-28 02:13 pm (UTC)
wow, thats really cool news, thanks for the heads up!
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