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JRM Update

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Entertainment Blog

JRM News & Image Forum
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The latest in news and images for actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
About Us

JRM Update was created per the request/suggestion of several of our fellow fans to create a message board to share our extensive collection of Jonathan Rhys Meyers news, images, and the like. But with the obligations of both work and school, we didn't feel we were capable of taking on that kind of responsibility. However, we did agree that we needed a designated spot to share the information we gather with fellow fans.

Basically we have access to many different accounts, message boards, websites, etc. We consolidate the stuff we find and post it here, in an LJ that can be friended/watched/checked. It's a kinder, gentler, safer alternative to the world of "fandom crawling" and message boards.

Drama and rumours aren't our thing:

  • Our aim is to provide accurate news from various editorial and internet sources. If something sounds fake, we'll keep it on the back burner until we have some backup. If we update with a piece that is later revealed to be false or incorrect, we'll post a retraction. We're good like that. Names of sources will be posted with each item, so you will know whether the piece was written by The National Enquirer or The New York Times, thereby allowing you to judge the content for yourself.

  • We love comments. They make us feel all warm and fuzzy. But if rudeness/drama/general unpleasantness arises, the mods reserve the right to freeze the thread and/or delete comments. So be nice, it saves us work.

    Current Moderators
    + ophelias_lament: Primary mod
    + isildae: Junior mod

    Click to view our policy on anonymous comments.
    Wow. Easier said than done.
    Anonymous posting is no longer permitted. You will need to be a registered LJ user or have an OpenID to comment. Comments from users who are not members of the community will be screened before posting.
    Sorry that a few had to ruin the fun for the majority.


    Of course a forum like this cannot exist without a ton of teamwork. Our aim is to be absolutely sure that every person/site/board that provides us with fresh news and images is credited in the links list below.

    If you do not see your name listed, or have any other questions or concerns (or donations images/news to post - we love that) please feel free to email:

    + ophelias_lament@livejournal.com

    If you'd like to remain anonymous and not receive credit for your contribution, that's cool too. Just give ophelias_lament a heads up, otherwise whatever name or screen name you use in your messages or email will be credited in the entry.
    Note: I really appreciate all the emails and hints when fresh news/images become available. Thank you all. But please be sure to include your source site as well. jrm_update takes pride in giving credit where it is due, so please help us keep it that way.

    The moderators of this forum are in no way associated with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, although they would very much like to get into his pants. This is a fan-operated venture not intended for any purpose other than entertainment. No money is earned from the operation of this community, though much of Leah's paycheck goes toward feeding our habit. Damn you eBay...damn you to hell.

    Keep in mind that we will never post personal photos or blog entries (i.e. fan encounters, images/photographs exclusive to individuals and personal sites.) However, everything else is fair game. Unless you are Jonathan Rhys Meyers himself or his agents you do not own editorial images, interviews, or the like. We will credit each and every source that provides us with information, but we will only remove news and images if you are the owner/creator of the work. Thanks for working with us.

    The moderators will remain objective in our entries, posting what we feel is news/share worthy. Feel free to ask us how we feel in the comments, but please keep in mind that we're fans like you and base our opinions based on the same information that everyone else is exposed to.

    JRM Update Official Links

  • JRM Update Video Blog

    Community Bulletins
    (Announcements, policy changes, etc.)

    06.30.2006: Anonymous Comments Policy
    07.12.2006: Protected Entries
    07.30.2006: Tagged Images Policy

    ::Contributors & Sources::

    Message Boards:

    Boy Kisses // IMDB Discussion Thread // It's Aestheticism! // Jonathan Rhys Meyers - B.Monkey
    JRM Fansite // Movies, Music, and More // Mystic Bliss - JRM Board // Our Beautiful Journey


    BBC // I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Official Site // IMDB // Match Point Official Site // PBS
    Showtime // Mission Impossible Official Website // Sina.com's Children of Huang Shi Page.

    Hannah's Little Website // It's Aestheticism! // JRM Fans // JRM Fansite // JRM Online
    Velvet Demon

    Bord Scannán na hÉireann (The Irish Film Board) // Getty Images // Coming Soon // Irish Examiner // Irish Independent
    Just Jared // MovieX // Music From the Movies // Rex Features // Splash News
    WENN Photo Library // Zap2It // ShowBiz Ireland // Ace Photos // Wire Image
    RTE - Irish Public Service TV/Radio // Corbis // Film Magic // Topix

    Amazon // eBay

    LJ Communities:

    jrm_fans // jrm_pictures // ohnotheydidnt


    ailes_de_verre // franzi1981 // frozenwithin // maridancingmoon

    Tools of the Trade:

    Google // Get an EZBoard account // Photobucket Image Hosting // Babel Fish Text Translator // Download RealPlayer

    jrm_pictures // just_irys

    (Feel free to resize this banner to fit your needs.)

    Spread the love. We'll do the same. Provide us with your banner and/or web address and we'll affiliate. Any related fandoms welcome!